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Winner of the EU Commission Award for Cyber Security Risk and GDPR

Enterprise Cyber Risk


Cyber Insurance

Enterprise Cyber Risk

Understand your company’s cyber risk from the business point of view. Enables your C-suite and board to have an effective cyber strategy in a language they understand.


Resources that provide you automated tools to manage GDPR compliance and perform privacy impact and risk assessments.

Cyber Due Diligence Pre and Post M&A

Understand the cyber risk associated with the target assets and its impact pre and post M&A.

Cyber Insurance

Determine how much cyber insurance is needed. Provides actuarial and risk accumulation metrics based on cyber.

Download Our Free CISOs and Risk Managers GUIDE to Cyber Risk

In this free guidebook, we will provide you with useful information to craft and deliver a presentation based on evidence-based metrics: industry-standard best practices, prioritization, advice on speaking to your C-suite and board about cyber risk. Essential for CISOs, security managers, CEOs, CFOs, CROs, and board members to understand and lower a company’s cyber risk to acceptable levels and to have everyone in the company on the same page.

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