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Asaf Bergerbaum, COO

Asaf Bergerbaum is a cyber security expert and former CISO of several financial institutions and has acted as a CISO advisor to Amdocs, Phillips and other Israeli companies. Asaf is responsible for customer implementation of the STORM product. He is a SME in Compliance, Risk, DLP, BCP, DR, and forensics. Asaf has concentrated his career on risk assessment and development methodologies, vulnerability audits, penetration testing and information security architecture.

Amit Koren, CTO

Amit Koren has over 20 years of experience as a cybersecurity leader, consultant and specialist. At InnoSec, Amit leads the development of the STORM cyber security Risk Management Product. Amit is a lecturer in Risk Mangement and DLP in the CISO courses at See Security – Information Security & Cyber Warfare Collage.

Our Clients


There are four types of partners – Technical Alliance Partners, Value Added Resellers, Strategic Partners, and Cyber Insurance Partners

Technical Alliance Partner

Technical Alliance Partners provide installation and customization of InnoSec’s product offerings

Value Added Reseller Program

Our formalized reselling program allows companies to sign up as agents or resellers. We include free training for qualified resellers, lead registration and management and Sales & Marketing Kits that allows you to access a wide range of case studies, collaterals, and whitepapers.


Our Technical Alliance Partners and Value Added Resellers include:

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InnoSec’s STORM can integrate and pull data out of many products via APIs.

Cyber Insurance Partners

Cyber Insurance Partners provide InnoSec’s product offerings to their customers through their specialized programs.

InnoSec now offers their products in conjunction with Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) and their 3-risk hub. InnoSec’s Storm is available for AJG customers for enterprise cyber risk management and assessments.

Contact Adam J. Cottini at AJG for more information on how AJG can help you reduce your cyber risk with InnoSec.

Adam Cottini |  Managing Director, Cyber Liability Practice Area Senior Vice President  250 Park Ave, 3rd Floor |  New York, NY 10177
www.ajg.com/cyber |  adam_cottini@ajg.com | Office: 212.994.7048


Download Our Free CISOs and Risk Managers GUIDE to Cyber Risk

In this free guidebook, we will provide you with useful information to craft and deliver a presentation based on evidence-based metrics: industry-standard best practices, prioritization, advice on speaking to your C-suite and board about cyber risk. Essential for CISOs, security managers, CEOs, CFOs, CROs, and board members to understand and lower a company’s cyber risk to acceptable levels and to have everyone in the company on the same page.

Case Studies

A Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company
E-Commerce Cyber Risk
Multi-National Companies

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