Measure your Cyber Security Risk Exposure

​and Manage your Cyber Security Program Proactively 

​​InnoSec is the leader in cyber risk management. We completely automate all aspects of cyber risk management for enterprises and insurance companies.  We allow companies to answer questions such as,

  • “How much cyber risk exposure does this company have in dollars and cents?”
  • “How well are our key business assets protected against a cyber-attack?”
  • "How much cyber budget do I need?"
  • "How do I define a cyber security strategy for the board?"
  • “What work is being done in relationship to cyber incidents?”
  • “How much cyber insurance do we need?”
  • ”How much should we charge this company for cyber insurance based on their risk profile?”
  • “How can we monitor the insured's compliance and accumulated risk?”


Determine Your Cyber Risk in Dollars and Cents 
Know your cyber risk from the business point of view and communicate with the board and the executives in their language

Prioritize Your Risk Mitigations
Beef up your risk reduction by prioritizing your risk mitigation work based on financial impact

Link your Cyber Risk to your Cyber Budget
Align your cyber security budget by getting metrics on how your security investments will reduce cyber risk

Optimize Your Cyber Insurance

Determine the correct coverage level by aligning risk tolerances and exposures

Price Cyber Insurance Correctly
Determine the price of the policy in relationship to the risk exposure of the firm

Analyze Accumulated Risk
Measure the risk accumulation across your portfolio of companies