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The rise of attacks resulting in huge business losses has brought cybersecurity into the board room. This step has reflected communication with organizational high management.

Protection of Business Assets is the new terminology, and STORM management solution quantifying cyber risk and automating all cybersecurity activities so that every member on the organizational hierarchy - from operational staff to senior management and board of directors - could understand where the organization stands in order to make calculated decisions including budget consumptions based on a real updated map and facts.

Enterprise Cyber Risk

Understand your organization's cyber risks from a holistic approach that combines qualitative measurements of several modules into one platform.

Compliance & Regulation

An automated tool to manage compliance of several regulations such as ISO, PCI, GDPR, PSD2, HIPPA and etc.

Vulnerability Assessment

An easy approach to map and handle the different types of systems or processes vulnerabilities and prioritize vulnerability work.

Suppliers Risks

Provides a clear view of your supplier risk assessment. Automate the audit workflow process.

Workflow Engines

Our Products Capabilities

Some of the functions that make STORM management solution easy to use:

  • STORM can integrate with other systems (Nesus, Qualis, etc.) to draw automatically relevant data.
  • STORM can be customized to send notification both automatically and manually.
  • STORM provides the option to easily build your reports and dashboards and export them into excel and pdf documents.
  • STORM permission management could be drawn from your AD groups or defined manually.
  • STORM can create reports out of a general template such as assessment reports, etc.

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